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Digvijay Singh

Building Legacy: Alumni who are leaving lasting impressions in their fields

Starting an MBA isn't just about academics; this revolutionary programme can deeply change your personal and professional life. And this is truly reflected in my story, from being a PGDM student to a successful banking professional who has climbed the ladder in banking by being ambitious, and by thinking ahead and leading in a new way.

I began my journey in October 1998 as an Assistant Manager at The Bank of Punjab in Delhi.. While there, I played critical roles in modernizing and re-engineering business processes which laid down the markers of an influential career in banking.

In August 2022, I took on a new challenge as a Zonal Manager at CSB Bank Limited. Though the time here was brief that lasted for just two months, it was, nevertheless, a critical experience that added another layer of expertise to my distinguished career, preparing me for my next big role.
My career trajectory showcases the importance of continual learning and adaptation. Each role brought new challenges and learning opportunities, which I leveraged to climb higher on the career ladder. For those aspiring to transform their careers, my journey is a blend of relentless perseverance, strategic foresight and the courage to innovate qualities that are essential for anyone looking to make a mark in their professional lives.

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Dr. Amit Vikram

MBA student to becoming a Leader

Journey from being an MBA student to becoming a Leader: How JIMS Alumni are shaping industries! Navigating through the twists and turns of a professional journey, especially in the ever-evolving field of change management, requires not just academic knowledge but also a deep understanding of practical, real-world applications. My career trajectory from a Process Associate to the India-Geo Practice Lead at HCLTECH has been a profound testament to this belief. Here, I share the milestones and experiences that have defined my career path and how my PGDBM from JIMS Rohini laid the foundational stones of my career.

Early Days at Genpact: Understanding the Basics
My professional journey began at Genpact in July 2003, where I started as a Process Associate focusing on Re-engineering, Transition and Analytics Reporting. The rigorous Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management (PGDBM) from JIMS equipped me with a robust framework of business processes and analytical skills, essential for my initial roles. My tenure at Genpact was marked by significant milestones, including a business visit to the USA in 2005 and obtaining a work permit for the UK in 2006, both opportunities afforded to me most certainly due to my postgraduate qualifications.

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Anju Sharma

Current Role: Associate Director HR at Accelalpha | Head of HR APAC Region | SHRM, HRCI, CPD certified POSH Trainer & DE&I Consultant, DiMAP

JIMS wasn't just a place to learn; it was a springboard of opportunities. It taught me not just theories, but how to seize opportunities, shape my future, and make a real impact in the world of HR.

Anju Sharma's journey from JIMS, Rohini, Delhi, to becoming a seasoned HR leader at Associate Director HR at Accelalpha is a testament to her relentless dedication and expertise in the field of human resources. Having graduated from JIMS in 2019, Anju has gathered 14+ years of diverse HR expertise, sharing insights from her ongoing journey.

Seeding success at JIMS
Anju’s ascent to becoming a seasoned HR leader didn’t begin at Accelalpha—it was nurtured and ignited at JIMS. She acknowledges that the curriculum, coupled with hands-on experiences and guidance from mentors, equipped her with the theoretical knowledge and practical insights necessary to navigate the complexities of the HR landscape. The exposure to diverse perspectives, interactive learning environments, and industry-relevant teachings played a pivotal role in shaping her approach as a strategic HR professional. The supportive and encouraging environment nurtured her passion for HR and instilled in her the confidence to pursue her career aspirations with determination and zeal.

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