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Academic Club (IP) of JIMS Rohini organized the Quiz competition: INDIAN QUIZOHILICS

Academic Club (IP) of JIMS successfully conducted the Quiz competition on 12th June 2021. The topic of the quiz competition was to make students aware of Indian Culture and technical advancements in different states. The competition was worth-enjoying for the audience. Every round was cheered and clapped up for their pleasing proactive response. The quiz rounds are summarized as follows:

•Round 1: Participants were asked 5 questions on Indian Culture out of which students were shortlisted for next round.

•Round 2: Shortlisted participants were asked 3 questions on technical advancements in different states and based on answers 1st and 2nd winners were selected.

The winners are as following:-

First Position: Piyush Sharma, BCA,2nd Sem, 2nd Shift & Yash Murari, BCA, 2nd Sem,  1st Shift

Second Position: Mansi Sharma, BCA, 2nd Sem,  1st Shift & Chhavi Chaturvedi, BCA, 2nd Sem,  1st Shift 

Overall it was an encouraging event.

JIMS Rohini
JIMS Rohini