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Panel Discussion On Spread of Information and Misinformation on the Internet

Jagan Institute of management Studies (JIMS- Rohini) organized an online Event iThink- Panel Discussion on 22nd April 2021 for undergraduate management students wherein the students of BBA II year and III-year participated as a panelist. The topic of this discussion was “Spread of Information and Misinformation on the Internet”. This was a student-centered learning platform where the students articulated their thoughts by presenting in front of their peers to enhance their speaking ability, verbal confidence and also develop higher order thinking skills that will lead them to analyze and interpret information rather than regurgitating facts.

JIMS Rohini
JIMS Rohini

Nowadays, Irritational thoughts, Rumors, propaganda, misconceptions and deceptions are spreading much faster than the pandemic itself. Internet being the center of connectivity and the global source of information, creating awareness and taking appropriate measures for the same has become a vital step to prevent this perilous rise.
Sanjana Roy – As the Moderator initiated the Panel Discussion by welcoming Dr. Praveen Arora (Dean IPU affiliated program), Dr. Parminder Bajaj (Event Incharge), the panelists and the delighted audience. She further introduced the four panelists:
1.Shyna Gupta- BBA,2nd year
2.Mayank Girdhar- BBA, 3rd year
3.Aashank Kaul- BBA, 3RD year
4.Lakshay Gupta- BBA, 3rd year
      She further went on by handing over the discussion to the first panelist for presenting her views on the same.
Shyna Gupta- As the first panelist commenced with the quote “Falsehood flies and truth comes limping after It” by Jonathan’s swift to further throwing light on the rise of synthetic media, the actions taken by WHO and Facebook to prevent this forgery, how a fake tweet wiped out the stock market, How & why humans are responsible for causing such acts and not the Bots, listing measures and lastly cautioning people to possess a healthy skepticism.
     Mayank Girdhar- As the second panelist got the ball rolling by discussing about the epidemic of the WhatsApp forwards by sharing an engrossing video and further talking about the reason behind this rise with a highlighting a times now case, the fake news triangle by lighting the Byjus case by concluding with social media scams and its appropriate measures.
Aashank Kaul-As the third panelist had the ‘future of truth and misinformation online’ as the center of his discussion by firstly briefing the definition of the core concept and further parting a discrepancy between misinformation, disinformation and misinformation by setting down the thwarts and how the world is getting affected by elucidating case study and data representation by tableau software.
Lakshay Gupta-As the fourth panelist commenced by asking the audience if they were aware of the term misinformation ecosystem by shedding light on it and further discussing about the Bill gates conspiracy theory the worldwide pandemic fueling misinformation by elaborating on the measures used to protect the truth in this deceptive age and how false news spreads faster than the truth.

JIMS Rohini
JIMS Rohini

After each panelist made their views known and gave in the insightful input, Sanjana Roy (moderator) thanked each one of them for expressing their vistas and summed up by sharing the measures of the spread of misinformation in brief and calling on the panelists to answer the queries of the audience that they wrote in the chat box.
 The session was wrapped up by Dr. Parminder Bajaj who appreciated each panelists effort and thanked the other esteemed teachers and the audience for being a part and making this a constructive and informative discussion.