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Guest lecture on Social Media Platform

Aguest lecture was organised on 13th February, 2021 through onlineplatform on the topic “Social Media Platform”. All the 1st yearstudents of BBA, BCA and Eco Hons. were the part of the elucidative programme.The event  with the felicitation of the guest speaker, Mr.Mohit Marwah, Social Media Marketing Specialist, Alumni (Batch 2010-2013),

Hereflected his profound knowledge on the topic and highlighted the importance ofsocial media apps for individual growth and brand building. An exaltingdemonstration of different social media sites like; Quik, Facebook, Canva,Instagram and many more were galvanised. He emphasised “Engagement with the audienceis considered to be more important than likes”. After that he exhibited thepossible steps that can be undertaken at the personal level to get a kick startin content creating field. It was followed by another important topic about“How social media can help in the development and expansion of brands”.

Afterwards,an interactive session began, where students put forward their questions. Thisinteractive concourse ignited the inquisitiveness of participants. They havecommitted themselves to use social media platforms in a better way to get afruitful output.  The informative lectureculminated with a vote of thanks proposed by Mrs. Mansi Madan(AssistantProfessor, JIMS)