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MDP- Financial Skills enhancement for Non-Financial professionals

A successful professional needs to take multi-dimensionaldecisions in the business world. Such decisions have a vital effect on theprofit and wealth generating capacity of the business. A constant effort andappropriate skill is required in the area of finance for accomplishing betterorganizational goals & formulating business policies. The non-financeprofessionals are generally found in a puzzling situation while dealing withprocedures & practices in finance.

A one day MDP was conductedby Dr. Deepika Saxena & Dr. Navneet Joshi for the officers of Punjab &Sind Bank on 9th February, 2021.The program provided the non-financeprofessionals with a comprehensive working knowledge of critical financialconcepts in an easy manner that will help them to make better decisions intheir concerned areas. The training program had an objective of creatingfinancial skills among participants to use financial data for analysis anddecision-making. The program helped the DTC employees to have an understandingof accounting and financial terms, basics of financial statements and theirpreparation, dynamics of finance and interpretation and analysis of financialstatements, and impact on the decision making. The management developmentprogram strived to sharpen financial skills and competencies of DTC employeesfor their professional success. All the technical sessions were discussionbased and conducted with the help of multiple exercises, activities andcase-lets. The participants enthusiastically participated in all activities anddiscussions.