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TechByte 2020, the annual IT Symposium of JIMS Rohini, held its 17th edition in online mode on 7thNovember 2020.The event started  with the ice breaking session by Ms. Mansi Madan Arora, Assistant Professor(IPU). The inaugural ceremony started with the address of our honorable Director Dr. Pooja Jain and followed with welcoming address by event convenor Dr. Manjot Kaur Bhatia.

The event then started with the Technical Session – 1 with our speakers Mr.Andrew Harry, Consulting Software Engineer, LexisNexis and Mr. Deep Narayan,Data Scientist Consultant, IndusTribe Services. 

Mr. Andrew Harry discussed about Cloud Infrastructure and Security.  He  also talked what exactly computing is, he said cloud computing is an on-demand service on pay per use basis. He then explained how it works by eliminating the need of owning your own device and by renting everything from cloud and paying on the basis of what and how much services you have used. Like Gmail uses cloud services, smart phone backups, online streaming etc. He also discussed about cloud history, how to manage clouds and its security. He explained layers of cloud computing: SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS and also discussed about Deployment models. He also shared his personal experiences in the cloud computing and the issues he has faced in his company regarding cloud security, load balancing and many more.

In Technical Session – 1,  our Annual event magazine, “INSIGHT” waslaunched and showcased to the audience by our Convenors Dr. Manjot Kaur Bhatia and Dr. Chetna Laoriya.

Our next speaker, Mr. Deep Narayan,spoke about AI and Data Science. He gave us an insight about various future technologies like- AI, Big data engineering, IOT, Blockchain and Cryptocurrency, Virtual Reality, 5G technology, and Quantum Computing. He described howAI in near future will have great impact on humans’ personal life too through an example of RIA- “A chat ROBOT AI dietician, who is helping people manage their weight with HealthyfyMe app. Lastly, Mr. Narayan guided the students on career in data science and AI.

Technical Session- 2–Guest Speakers Mr. Lokesh Dawar, Solutions Architect, Conforge and Mr. Anurag Sharma, Software Engineer, Millennium Systems Design.

Mr. Lokesh Dawardelivered a session on the topic Docker and Kuberernetes. He gave the complete demonstration of Docker and Kubernetes and explained the machine learning pipeline.  He also talked about containerisation and tools usage like docker and K8s. Finally, he answered queries of the students on how to go about it. It was a nice and interactive session. 


Our second Speaker of technical session – 2 Mr. Anurag Sharma, talked about the Symposium theme’s future advancements in the industry. He explained how the high-performance computing can achieved in the organization through super computers. He discussed how some of the companies are providing the High-Performance Computing (HPC) on demand including Amazon, Penguin, R-Cloud and latest Quantum computing by Microsoft. He discussed with students “The role of HPC to the complement development of efficient Artificial Intelligence systems”. He also highlighted the role played by HPC in the pandemic in the process of developing vaccines or drugs to combat the COVID 19.  He explained in data growth and computational power demand go hand in hand which he explains through the training time and cost comparison of many super computers. In the last he also clarifies, how quantum computing is applicable in image processing field.Overall, his session makes the students aware about the practical applications of High-Performance Computing.


At the end, the symposium was ended by a vote of thanks by Dr. Chetna Laoriya.