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SAMANVAY- The HR Club JIMS Rohini organized Webinar on Workplace Trends: Now and Beyond

Date: 26, September 2020, Saturday   Time: 11:00 am- 01:00pm   

Dr. Yashwant Bhaid (Vice President HR, Hexagon Nutrition Pvt. Ltd, Mumbai) 
Ms. Gauri Das (Vice President and Head HR, India Factoring and Finance Solutions Pvt. Ltd, Mumbai) 
Dr. Haresh Chaturvedi (Vice President HR, Reliance Industries Ltd - Petrochemicals)

Moderator: Ms. Shristi Sharma (JIMS Alumni, Asst. Manager HR) 

The event started with welcome speech by Dr. Pratima Daipuria, Dean PGDM, JIMS. After which the session was carried forward by Ms. Shristi Sharma who gave a brief about the event. She highlighted the role of technology in the current scenario. 

Dr. Haresh Chaturvedi, the first panelist said that leadership is the need of the hour and one needs to flexibility synonyms with a grass, not rigid like a tree. He stated that there will be a lot of career opportunities post Covid due to increased use of technology however the recruitment process would definitely be rigorous. 


He further added since three generations work together it opens new doors of learning for all of us. When asked about the legal framework changes, Dr. Haresh answered - law has changed for the betterment for employees and employers. 

Further, Ms. Gauri Das gave her views on the changing landscapes of jobs.  She stated that a lot of new trends have started with the Covid which will become the highlights in future.  She also spoke about the increasing use and adaptation of virtual assessment and that students should learn about how to prepare their video resumes and upgrade their skills. She also mentioned that "Digital is about having a growth mindset. Continuing further Ms. Das highlighted that this pandemic have given us ample of time to upgrade our skills and utilize it for different job requirements. 

Answering a question about online interview trends, Ms. Gauri answered that since interviews happen with video mode so non-verbal communication is important and should be taken care of when appearing for an online interview. 
The third panelist Mr. Yashwant Bhaid explained about "shift from normal to new normal" for the business continuity rather than business expansion. He compared the pre covid and current scenario from the routine and value added decisions to now looking at constraints and dealing with them. He emphasized on the need of the hour “digital platform” and the importance of consistency in communication. 
To the question about the legal framework changes, he answered that the pandemic has brought security and healthcare changes both from employer and employees end. The highlight was the ethicality for working two shifts, employment norms of one shouldn’t affect the other employment norms.

The audience interacted with full zeal and enthusiasm and students gained fruitful insights related to the evolving job skills and recruitment process.