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Guest Lecture on Life Skills and Confidence Building for MCA students

A guest lecture was organized by the IP department on 22/01/2020 for MCA students on the topic "Life Skills and Confidence Building". The session was conducted by Dr Sanju Gambhir for first year and second year students. The main points discussed in the lecture included the guidelines for building self-confidence, self-image, self-identity and self-esteem. The lecture also focussed on tips on grooming. Dr Gambhir stressed on the importance of being neat, attractive and presentable. She also gave tips on corporate dressing and choosing the appropriate attire to wear for an interview and professional workplace. She also enlightened the students about the importance of positive thinking. The session was very informative and enabled the students to understand corporate dressing and how to face the interview. It also taught them the concept of image building and self-confidence.

JIMS-Rohini MDP for Senior Officers of Punjab and Sind bank on 25th Jan, 2020
JIMS Rohini

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JIMS Rohini Delhi