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MDP on Leading through Personal Excellence for Managers and Managers of Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC)

A full day workshop was organized by JIMS, Sector-5, Rohini for the Sr. Managers and Managers of Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC) at its campus, on Saturday, 2nd March, 2019. The workshop was in continuation to the one held earlier on 5th January, ’19 for a separate batch of participants. It was aimed at addressing issues related to leadership effectiveness as well as diagnosing issues related to personal and professional differences. 

JIMS Rohini organised MDP on Leading through Personal Excellence for Managers and Managers of Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC)

The event began with the welcome address by Dr.J.K.Goyal, Advisor, JIMS. He briefed the participants about the institution, its achievements and various initiatives taken by JIMS.  

The workshop was conducted in three sessions. 

Session 1 and 2 was on ‘Leading with a Purpose’ and ‘Workplace Conflicts’ respectively. It was conducted by Mr.Suneel Keswani, professional corporate trainer. These were engaging power-packed sessions focussed on personal and organisational leadership for better decision making, sense of ownership and involvement at workplace. With the help of examples, cases and videos, ways of resolving disputes and conflicts were discussed. 

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Session 3 was on ‘Engaging Emotions: Managing Relations’, conducted by Dr.Pratima Daipuria, Dean – Management, at JIMS, Rohini. Session was conducted through activities, games and exercises. She explained the importance of emotions and how to manage them for self and others. Dr.Pratima also discussed the various personality traits and responses in different situations.  

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A range of techniques such as team activities, role clarification and enactment, exercises, assessments, games, small group activities, were included to make the learning effective.

The workshop ended with the concluding remarks by Dr.Pooja Jain, Director, JIMS, Rohini. She asked the participants to make full utilization of the workshop and practice the learnings at their respective workplaces. 

Later, participation certificates were distributed to all the participants. Shri R.S.Minhas, Dy.CGM (Tr.), DTC was also present in the prize distribution ceremony.

Overall, the program was well appreciated by the participants.
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