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IT club TekQbe organized programming competition Code-it

TekQbe (IT club of JIMS) organized a programming competition titled “Code-it” on 25/10/2018, Monday. Participating teams were assigned 3 problems, solutions to which were to be designed within 2 hrs of time. In this code-against-time event total 34 teams participated from JIMS sec5 and JIMS sec-3, out of which 23 teams managed to complete the time durations. Judgs selected the winners on the basis of Idea implementation and Problem solving technique.

BCA students from sector 3 got the First Prize (Jasmeet Singh and Bharat), won the Cash Prize of Rs.1000.

Second Prize: Team from BCA Sector 5 (Shubhangi Gupta and Kirti Bhardwaj), and won the cash Prize of Rs.700

Third Prize: Team from MCA Sector 5 (Reena and Prachi), won the cash Prize of Rs.500