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Guest Lecture On “Patanjali boom make global biggies sweat”

An interactive session was organized by Economics Club (E-360) on “Patanjali boom make global biggies sweat” on 19th April, 2016 for the students of BBA Program. JIMS organized Guest Lecture by Mr. John Sarkar, Special correspondent, Times of India.

(Mr. John Sarkar went to the Times School of Journalism and is currently a special correspondent at TIME OF INDIA and He is a former associate editor at INDIA TODAY GROUP. He is also an Automobile Writer at Robb report India. For three years he worked as a senior correspondent at The Economic Times. He has also networked with high net worth individuals as a Sales Consultant at Whitefield Honda. He even introduced new sections while working as Editor Correspondent at Financial Chronicle like the country’s first wildlife column.)

Guest Lecture on Patanjali boom make global biggies sweat  BBA Students JIMS Rohini Sector-5 Delhi

The session started with the brief introduction of Baba Ram Dev Ji. Mr. Sarkar shared his experience with the true story of his mother, who was suffering from cancer and that was the time when his mother uses the herbal product and feels the changes and even cured from their products He shared many inside stories where students came to know about the actual strategies which they used to attract customers. He even shared information regarding the working style of Patanjali. How their marketing team compete with the existing competitors. The first product which they make was ‘Amla Juice’ from where they actually started. The main thing on which Ram dev focused was the quality control/ Management.

He used promotion techniques by involving himself as the brand ambassador of patanjali which actually decreases the branding cost. Mr. John shared with us that at their headquarters they have 10,000 employees in their FMCG sector. The fact which actually amazed students was that they do not have any HR department. They themselves manage everything because he believes manual things are more reliable.

They focused on many major things which every marketer should do like the availability of their products, as they opened many small retail stores in every knock and corner which helps the customer to avail the facility at their doorstep. Apart from this he even charges lesser price for their herbal products which helps the lower family income person to grab easily. The most selling and useful product Patanjali claim was Ghee. 

Soon they will be opening up Mega Malls. They even plan to capture the international markets. Usually in short span of time they launched their Products i.e. two to three weeks as per market demand.

An interactive session was organized by JIMS Economics Club (E-360)   Guest Lecture by Mr. John Sarkar, Special correspondent, Times of India at JIMS Rohini Delhi

He also informed students about Mr. Bal Krishnan who was the closest friend and business partner of Ram Dev. He shared with students that this year Patanjali has the target of reaching 5k crores. 

Mr. John experienced that Ram Dev uses his master mind which leads him towards the success. He even knows the business jargons. He knows the inside/outside stories of competitors.

In the later part of the session, students asked very interesting questions which even excites the guest to take the interview again and get to know more about Ram Dev and Patanjali. Students interacted in the session with keen interest and raised good questions which give them more clarity. He responded to the questions raised by students. Students were very enthusiastic and energetic throughout the session.

At the end of both the sessions, Ms. Mansi Arora Madan, Convener, exhibited gratitude to the guest speaker, students and the student Coordinators by delivering the Vote of Thanks. All in all, it was an interactive session replete with learning which did not only felicitate knowledge but also enlightened everyone with the techniques of Marketing.

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