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Talent Hunt organized by the Cultural Club

The Talent Hunt event organized by the Cultural Club of JIMS on 27th of August turned out to a great success. The event started around 12 as per its scheduled timing with presence of all the faculty and got over by 3. The judges of the event were Ms. Deepti  Sharma, Ms. Akanksha Chopra and Ms. Natasha. With a huge participation of total 58 participants, the event gave every student and faculty, wonderful moments of enjoyment and relaxation. Every participant tried to perform their level best to entertain the audience as well as judges. The audience not only enjoyed the performances but also motivated the participants to showcase their talent in the best possible manner.

Winners of the event:

1. Sarthak & group  (BBA)

2. Manhar ( MCA)

    Dhruv (BCA )

3. Nimish & Navdeep (BBA)

    Manjali (MCA)


For encouraging the participants for their spellbound performances, the winners were also given the winning certificates as well as the cash prizes.