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JIMS Rohini Ogranized 36-Hours Hackathon Codekshetra 2024

CodeKshetra 2024 unfolded as a dynamic 36-hour hackathon, challenging individuals and teams to collaborate intensively day and night. This event provided a vibrant platform for participants to tackle problems and unleash their creativity within specific themes. It became a hub for coding, programming, and designing, fostering valuable skill development among the participants.

Recognition and Rewards:

Participants showcased their innovative solutions related to Cyber Security, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Web 3.0, IoT, Hardware and Robotics, and Blockchain. The event celebrated excellence by awarding trophies, goodies, cash prizes, and other exciting rewards to those with the most innovative project ideas.

Diverse Participation:

Drawing students from across India, CodeKshetra 2024 became a melting pot of talent, with each participant contributing unique perspectives and solutions to the hackathon themes. The diversity of projects showcased the breadth and depth of creativity within the coding and technology community

Themes and Awards:

Projects were developed and presented in alignment with hackathon themes, covering crucial areas such as Cyber Security, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Web 3.0, IoT, Hardware, Robotics, and Blockchain. The best project, recognized for its exceptional quality and innovation, received a coveted cash prize and trophy.


CodeKshetra 2024 was organized in collaboration with Geek Room Society, enhancing the scale and impact of the hackathon. This partnership not only facilitated the smooth execution of the event but also added to the overall experience for participants, creating an environment conducive to learning and innovation.


  • To inspire participants to think creatively and develop innovative solutions to real-world challenges
  • To provide a platform for enhancing technical, problem-solving, and teamwork skills through hands-on projects
  • To facilitate connections among diverse participants, fostering cross-disciplinary collaboration and creating a supportive community.
  • To encourage participants to take ideas from conception to a functional prototype, promoting a sense of accomplishment and practical experience.
  • Focus on addressing specific problems while promoting the use of new technologies, tools, and platforms.


The post-event report summarizes the success of the 36-hour hackathon "CodeKshetra 2024" organized by JIMS, Sector-5, Rohini, in collaboration with Geek Room Society. The report highlights the collaborative partnership, participation of over 370 students, nationwide recognition with participants from premier institutes, a substantial prize pool exceeding 50 lacs, and generous sponsorship from industry leaders. Partnerships with Rise In and Bobble AI, along with support from over 15 community partners, contributed to the event's success. A stellar lineup of over 30 mentors and judges from industry giants provided guidance. The report expresses gratitude to everyone involved and emphasizes the event's impact on fostering innovation, collaboration, and the development of future technological leaders. It concludes by acknowledging the collective effort and commitment to continuing the pursuit of excellence in future endeavors.

Key Highlights:
  • Over 370 enthusiastic participants’ onsite.
  • Entries from premier institutes nationwide.
  • Phenomenal response with over 4100 applications on Devfolio
  • Mentors and Judges: A powerhouse lineup of over 30 from Microsoft, EY, BharatPe, and more.
  • The impact of CodeKshetra reverberated nationally, drawing entries from premier institutes such as IIT, NIT, DTU, IIIT, and more.
  • Staggering cash prize of more than 25000, prize pool of more than 50,000,00, including swags, gifts, bounties, and goodies aplenty
  • Sponsored by: Devfolio, Cypher Blockchain, Echo 3D, Replit, Router, VerbWire, Befikra, Lazer Crazer, Coding Ninjas, Wildr.
  • Education Partner: Rise In
  • Merchandise Partner: Bobble AI
  • Community Partners: 15+

36-Hour CodeKshetra
36-Hour Hackathon CodeKshetra