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JIMS Rohini Organized alumni session "Campus to Corporate”

PGDM department organized an alumni session on the theme "Campus to Corporate” on 10 th Oct 2023 for PGDM Batch (2023-25) Sec A students .The session featured two distinguished alumni, Suyash Awasthi, working in PWC as a Tax Associate and Harshdeep Singh, an Associate in Acuity Knowledge Partners, both from PGDM batch (2019-2021) who shared their experiences, wisdom, and advice on making a successful transition from college life to the corporate world.

Suyash Awasthi emphasized the importance of soft skills, such as communication, teamwork, and adaptability, in the corporate world. He recounted his own challenges in developing these skills during his initial corporate experience and provided tips on how students can proactively work on them while still in college.

Harshdeep Singh shared his experiences with transitioning to corporate life, underlining the significance of networking and building relationships. He encouraged students to utilize the college's resources for networking and to maintain connections with professors, peers, and alumni. He also emphasized on the word 'confidence' as how being confident could change your whole life.

Both the alumni encouraged the need for setting clear career goals and continuing to learn and adapt in the ever-evolving corporate life. They enlightened the students about work life balance prioritizing our health with respect to work. They had also appreciated the JIMS faculties and how well the placement opportunities and training that college provides, even in Covid times the college helped them to improve their skills and place them in great companies.

The session concluded with a lively Q&A, allowing students to seek more personalized advice and insights from the speakers. Overall, the event was a remarkable opportunity for current students to learn from the experiences of those who once walked the same campus paths and are now thriving in the corporate world.

The alumni session on "Campus to Corporate" by Suyash Awasthi and Harshdeep Singh was a great success, providing current students with practical guidance and inspiration as they prepare to enter the corporate realm. Their insights were invaluable for those who are about to embark on their professional journeys.