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JIMS Rohini Organized workshop on “Power Dressing”

With an objective to represent the personal and professional image of a management graduate a workshop on “Power Dressing” has been organised for first year students of PGDM-International Business. The speaker of the session was “Mr. Ankit Kalonia” who is an author and soft skills trainer. Mr. Ankit referred to the style of clothing and personal grooming practices used to create the appearance of authority and competence. He further emphasized the importance of power dressing which helps oneself to present in a way that commands respect and reflects professionalism.

Students were introduced to the core principles of power dressing, from the importance of a perfect fit to the psychology of colour. The session emphasized the balance between making a statement and maintaining professionalism.

The session wrapped up with a lively Q&A, where attendees brought forward their queries and received personalized advice. This interactive component ensured that participants left with clarity and confidence.

The Power Dressing Session was more than just a tutorial on clothing; it was an empowering exploration of how attire intersects with identity, authority, and professional success.

JIMS Rohini
JIMS Rohini