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JIms Rohini Organized Retail Executive Summit, 2023

The Retail Executive Summit 2023, held on August 28, 2023, was a collaborative effort between the Retail Management department and the Retail Club of JIMS Rohini Sector-5 and the PhD Chamber of Commerce and Industry. With its central theme being the "Future Outlook of the Indian Retail Industry," this summit played a pivotal role in providing a platform for diverse participants, including students, industry experts, academicians, and scholars, to engage in meaningful discourse. It aimed to broaden perspectives and facilitate the exchange of ideas within the dynamic retail landscape.

The event's significance was evident from the outset, with Mr. Anupam Bansal, Director – Retail and Marketing at Liberty Shoes Ltd, delivering a compelling keynote address. His insights not only traced the historical evolution of retail but also emphasized the essential adaptations that businesses must undertake for sustained profitability. Throughout the summit, interactive panel discussions covered crucial topics, including strategies for building resilient retail brands, the rise of Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) brands, and the transformative impact of digital technology on consumer convenience. The sessions also underscored the critical role of diversity and inclusion in the retail workforce and explored the evolving consumer behavior of merging online and offline shopping experiences, heralding a future where hybrid retail models will thrive.

In summary, the Retail Executive Summit 2023 left an indelible mark by offering valuable insights into the future of the Indian retail industry. It served as a nexus for knowledge- sharing and collaboration between academia and the industry, fostering dialogue and charting a course for the sector's growth. Students and industry professionals alike emerged from the event with enriched perspectives, making it a significant contribution to the ongoing evolution of India's retail landscape.