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Creativity is just intelligence having fun – Albert Einstein

As quoted by the great Einstein, the desire of any creative activity is learning. Creativity does not only mean being artistic, it also entices the fresh minds to think out of the box and have fun while learning.

At Creador- the Retail Club, we aim to provide very creative & fun learning activities at JIMS, Rohini.The club runs on its student coordinators or the student coordinators run the club, it can be said either way.

The incoming batch of 2023-25 was presented with the chance to join forces with the Creador, and they did respond overwhelmingly to the opportunity. The club received numerous applications from all PGDM verticals.The selection was based on the scores obtained from a not so formal yet spontaneous interview. The ones who made the final cut were:

  • Palak Bhadoriya (RM)
  • Kabir (RM)
  • Prajwal Thakur (IB)
  • Latika (Sec-B)
  • Ramsha (Sec-B)
  • Rupam (Sec-C)
  • Bhavya (Sec-C)