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JIMS Rohini Organized Badminton Tournament

Warriors – The Sports Club of JIMS organized Badminton Tournament on 30th October, 2021 BBA/BCA/MCA/BA (H) Eco  Students were very enthusiastic and played with true sportsmen spirit.

Objective: To bring the students an enjoyable and sporty day, to bring everyone together and also to promote a good interest towards sports. To provide an environment for physical development of the students. To provide opportunity to the student to showcase their talent in badminton field. To promote sportsmanship among students.

Details: First the matches conducted among girls which was pretty energetic and a fair game.  Everyone took the results and decisions very positively. Then there was boys’ turn to play and they played really well. The rules were clearly delivered to the participants in the beginning so that there would be no scope for any chaos. Every participant putted all their interest and effort in the event and attended with a lot of enthusiasm also the coordinators handles everything calmly and perfectly which leads this event to a great success.

•There were 3 rounds then semi-finals and finals.
•In first round there were 4 matches among girls and 24 matches among boys.
•In second round there were 2 matches among girls and 12 matches among boys.
•In third round there were 6 matches among boys
•Semi-finals were held among 3 boys and then finals among 2 boys

JIMS Rohini
JIMS Rohini