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JIMS Rohini organized IIC session: Intellectual Property Rights & Patent Process

An effective session on Intellectual Property Rights & Patent Process was organized by IIC: Institutions Innovation Cell, Jagan Institute of Management Studies, Rohini. Session speakers were Dr. Suman Madan, Associate Professor (IT) and Dr. Manjot Kaur Bhatia, Professor (IT) from JIMS, Rohini. The session was started with a brief overview of Intellectual Property Rights by Dr. Suman Madan. She said that Intellectual Property Rights helps in preventing the loss of your intellectual property and encourage creativity and Innovation. Later, Dr Suman Madan explained the laws of governing the Intellectual property rights such as the Patents Act 1970 and the Patent Rules, 2005. She also said that the Patent offices are located in Chennai, Kolkata, Mumbai and Delhi and the trademark offices are located in Ahmedabad, Chennai, Delhi and Kolkata and Mumbai. Dr Madan also explained the different kinds of Industrial Property Rights (IPRs) such as Patents, Trademark, Designs etc. Further on, she came up with the patent filing process in detail and the ways one can get our patent approved in minimum time. After explaining the steps of filing patent to the Indian patent office, Dr Manjot Kaur Bhatia, Professor, JIMS took over the session and she discussed about the process or way of searching the Patent search database. She said that the major advantage of this search is you can be sure or confident the patent you have filed is novel or unique and the investor can be better prepared about the questions that will be asked by the Patent’s authority at the later stages.

Searching the database has several advantages for the businesses such as avoidance of infringement of existing patents and can track the progress of other companies in this regard. Later, she explained the various types of patent searches such as Evidence of the use search, freedom to operate search, state of the art search etc. In the end, Dr Bhatia showed how the patent search is done using some websites. Then Session ended with a vote of thanks to our speakers for sharing their valuable knowledge, time and energy which lead the audience to understand the key concepts of Intellectual Property Rights and Patent Process.